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Numb3rs 5x17 First Law


When a computer expert working for the Department of Defense is murdered in his lab, the team interrogates the chief suspect -- an apparently sentient computer...

[SUSAN CALVIN] A tall, beautiful, dynamic woman in her early 40s to early 50s, she's the project director for a top secret Department of Defense project involving A.I. When her top computer scientist is found dead in his lab under mysterious circumstances, Calvin is actually thrilled to learn that the chief suspect is actually her apparently sentient computer, Baley -- a development that would establish Baley as a thinking entity, capable of drastic human impulse. Calvin is more interested in the scientific import of Baley's murderous act than she is in the death of her colleague. Larry's ex-lover and colleague, Calvin may have a vibrant personality, but she also has a dark, manipulative side, as Larry learned, to his regret. Rabidly ambitious, she's blind to the ethical implications of her research, but whether she's ambitious enough to have killed remains to be seen...GUEST STAR (6)

[JESSIE ROBERTSON] A sharply intelligent woman in her early to late 30s, she's a computer expert who seems bereft at the mysterious death of her husband, Dr. Daniel Robertson. She was unable to talk to Daniel about his Department of Defense work, but the two had made impressive inroads working together on Connectionist A.I., a form of artificial intelligence with revolutionary medical applications. Under the cerebral exterior, Jessie is a woman of passion and impulse who just may have used her computer abilities to nefarious ends...GUEST STAR (11)

[DR. JOSEPH LEEBIG] Late 30s to early 50s, this computer expert is the CEO and owner of Steel Cave Robotics, the lab where Daniel Robertson was doing his cutting edge A.I research for the Department of Defense. Daniel's project was the chief money-maker for his company, and when Susan Calvin announces that the government is taking over the project in the wake of Daniel's death, Leebig is outraged. As we later learn, he and Daniel may have been collaborating in an elaborate scam, faking their findings for the sake of unlimited funding. Leebig was undoubtedly motivated by avarice, but it's an open question as to whether his greed led him to murder.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (5) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[CLAIRE CHEN] In her mid 20s to mid 30s, this computer programmer is a short, plain woman who works for Dr. Daniel Robertson on his top-secret A.I. project. There have been big infusions of cash into Claire's account in recent months, so she's on the hot seat as a suspect. But when she's found slashed to death in her apartment, Don are puzzled to learn how her death links up with Daniel's previous murder...GUEST STAR (18) SUBMIT ASIAN, HISPANIC AND AFRICAN-AMERICAN ACTRESSES

[BALEY] Late 20s to mid 30s, this beautiful holographic image is Baley, the top-secret computer in Daniel's Department of Defense project. Supposedly sentient, Baley is the chief suspect in Daniel's murder -- but as Don and his team ascertain, she's not a cunning killer, but a cunningly programmed machine being manipulated by a killer...GUEST STAR (2) MAY BE VOICED BY ANOTHER ACTOR.

[ANDREW MARTIN] This young male hacker-for-hire in his mid 20s to mid 30s is a suspect whom the team tracks to the sewers, where he has tapped into the Department of Defense computer cables. Martin initially stonewalls the authorities -- but when he realizes his very life may be in danger, he starts to spill his guts...GUEST STAR OR CO-STAR (42) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[DR. DANIEL ROBERTSON] This casually dressed computer expert in his 30s is the head of the cutting-edge Department of Defense project into artificial intelligence. He tries to mute his "sentient" computer, Baley -- only to meet a terrible fate...ONE DAY GUEST STAR OR CO-STAR (1)

[COACH HARRY STREELING] In his 40s, he's the long-suffering university basketball coach, who hasn't had a winning season for years. As a result of Alan's "inspirational" advice, he quits and leaves Alan holding the bag as the new coach...CO-STAR (4) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[MARINE] This spit-and-polish male Marine in his early to late 30s bars the outraged Leebig from entering the laboratory, but grants Don and his team free access...CO-STAR (5) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[LAWYER] Mid 30s to early 50s, Andrew Martin's male or female attorney, he/she is fired when Martin learns of a flagrant conflict of interest...CO-STAR (55) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[JUNIOR AGENT] Early 30s to early 40s, this young female agent tells Calvin she has a visitor...CO-STAR (48) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[FLIGHT ATTENDANT] This gorgeous flight attendant in her late 20s to late 30s on a private jet is irritated when FBI agents stop the plane on the runway. She tells them that their suspect is hiding out in the lavatory...CO-STAR (57) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES