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Criminal Minds Challenge Community

 I'm not sure if this is ok, but I didn't see any rules stating it was wrong. (Sorry if it is)

Do you love Criminal Minds?

Do you love challenges?

Do you love talking to new people about anything and everything around?

If you answered yes to any of those questions above, then you need to get yourself over to:

kimi_pie  as the recommendation/reference.


new Icons, Banner + animated Banner

Something new I created in the last few days

CSI Miami, NCIS, Alias & Numb3rs

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NCIS & Bones Icons

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Hey guys that's my first entry in a Community ;) 

I hope I did it how you want it.. 

This is a little bit from my Fanart.. Comments would be nice 



all new Icons I have made after watching the new episode of Numb3rs "Frienemies" this morning

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